Create a truly own VPN server
in just two clicks!

Shared VPN servers are slow, not secure and easy to block. Get a dedicated private VPN server with its own static and unique IP address, created exclusively for you. It won't log or store anything while your connection will be strongly encrypted.

How it works
free trial / no credit card required
Hide your IP and stay anonymous
Create your server in one of 5 countries and hide your IP address
Bypass any restrictions and access blocked websites
We stand for a free and open Internet, you have the right
Be safe using public Wi-Fi and networks
All transmitted data is heavily encrypted
What can any website learn about you?
Your Real IP Copy

Your IP and related information is available for any website or server you are visiting or connecting to!

United States (US)
37.751, -97.822
unknown unknown
Operating System
unknown unknown

Why get your own VPN?

There are a lot of shared VPN offers, but none of them are truly safe and most are not very convenient. We've made private VPN servers available for everyone without the need for special knowledge.

Blazing Fast

When someone starts using torrents or streaming videos on a shared VPN server everybody else has to experience a dramatic bandwidth degradation. Never again with your own VPN! Get a dedicated 1-gigabit channel, allocated solely for you.

Almost Impossible to Block

A shared VPN server has only one or just several IP addresses - they are public and very easy to identify and block for any government or web service. Your own VPN has a dedicated unique IP, known and used by you only. It is very hard to identify and block, however, if it happens - re-create your server in 1 click and get a new address. It is free!

No Logs, No Case

Absolutely no logs are stored. At all. Ever. Whatever happens to your server, even if it gets hacked - nothing will point to you. But please don't be mistaken, we endlessly believe in the free Internet, as well as we want to keep it comfortable for everyone, so we have a zero-tolerance policy regarding spamming, hacking or any other truly illegal activity.

Safe & Secure

First of all, your server is professionally configured for maximum protection against any possible attack. Strong passwords, firewall, strict network policy - all of these make any unauthorized access to your server almost impossible. But anyway, no logs or any other sensitive data is stored on your server. And of course, a connection from you to the server is heavily encrypted.

No logs policy
Bitcoin accepted
P2P allowed
Gigabit channel on every server
5 locations in America, Europe and Asia
Dedicated personal IP

Your Questions Answered

Here you can find most frequently asked questions.
Don't hesitate to contact us if it didn't help.

What's the difference between OwnVPN and other VPN providers? What makes you special?

Other VPN providers offer shared VPN servers. It means that hundreds of customers use the same one server. Such approach is very profitable for providers but leads to a number of problems for customers - bandwidth degradation, blocking by governments and web services, a number of security issues. OwnVPN offers private VPN servers. It means that your server is available only for you and used only by you.

Do you create a new server for every customer?

Yes. Every time you order a server we create a brand new server (VPS) with a brand new IP. It wasn't used by anyone before and it's not shared with anyone, it is only and solely yours.

How do I set up OwnVPN?

Setting up is very easy and takes just a few minutes. OwnVPN supports two VPN types - L2TP/IPsec and OpenVPN. The first one is natively supported by most devices and operating systems (including routers), you just need to do a simple configuration on your device with our detailed manuals, for Apple devices we also provide one-click automatic configuration profiles. The second VPN type is even easier to setup as all settings are bundled in just a single file, however, OpenVPN requires installing additional software, but free clients are available for all platforms including Windows, MacOS, Android and iOS.

What locations do you offer?

Currently, you can create your server in 5 countries: USA, Germany, England, Singapore and Japan.

How many devices can be connected to an OwnVPN server simultaneously?

There is no limit, you can connect to your server from as many devices as you want at any time. It is your own server.

What information do you store?

Literally nothing. No logs, no records, no timestamps, no IPs.

Do you block any ports?

All ports are open on our servers, except SMTP and Netbios for outgoing connections. We can consider opening these ports upon request - please, contact us with a valid justification.